Enhance Your Behavior-Based Safety Approach with Visual Literacy

webinar Behavior-Based Safety recording


Is your Behavior-Based Safety program in need of a refresh? Is it growing stale or have your employees grown complacent towards it?

Visual Literacy offers organizations a fresh, fun experience that is unique and can breathe new life into your Behavior-Based Safety Process. Using Visual Literacy tools (look, observe, see, describe, analyze, interpret and communicate) to assess behaviors and when needed correct at-risk behaviors is a more challenging, more fluid and dynamic scenario than merely looking for hazardous physical conditions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How Visual Literacy can be applied to your Behavior-Based Safety strategy
  • How Visual Literacy improves observation skills crucial to identifying hazardous conditions and behaviors.
  • How using critical thinking to describe, analyze, interpret, and communicate to improve the practices of more holistic BBS implementations.

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