Becoming A Better EHS Professional Through Visual Literacy And Advanced Error Reduction

COVE & FIT Webinar 3 Graphic recording


Technical knowledge is important but is only part of what is required to be a successful EHS professional. Leading organizations have gone far beyond compliance and focus on how employees are engaged in the EHS processes and contribute directly to execution and improvement opportunities. Knowing the rules and regulations is important, but often not enough to achieve EHS excellence.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 37% of employers said problem-solving/critical thinking/ innovation/creativity are skills most lacking among employees. Dealing with complexity/ambiguity (32%) and communication (31%) round out the top three.

As the final webinar in an ongoing series, Doug Pontsler, Chairman and Managing Director for COVE: Center of Visual Expertise and Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies, will share how Visual Literacy and Advanced Error Reduction can help fill the gaps in our ability to think critically, simplify complexity, and improve our communication. Applying tools and techniques originating in art education and in human and organizational performance extends our capabilities beyond technical knowledge and makes us a better EHS professional.

Learning Objectives:

  • How critical thinking and communication skills from Visual Literacy and Advanced Error Reduction can make us better EHS professionals.
  • How EHS professionals can leverage these skills to advance EHS excellence in their organizations.

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