The Impact Of Visual Literacy And Human Error In A COVID-19 World

COVE & FIT Webinar recording Graphic


As we continue to operate in a world that is impacted by COVID-19, we run the risk that our brains have not shifted to what we now need to see. What may be viewed as compliance issues with continually changing COVID-19 related rules may not be intentional but rather human error as we struggle to see the new realities of our work and home environments. While we can't "see" the virus, we can see conditions that contribute to the spread of the virus and we can interpret the risk they represent and take appropriate actions. 

As the first webinar of an ongoing series, Doug Pontsler, Chairman and Managing Director for COVE: Center of Visual Expertise and Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies, will discussed the role of visual literacy and human performance in addressing Coronavirus risk in the workplace and at home. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Introduce "close-looking" techniques that help us see the conditions that contribute to the spread of the virus
  • Understand the difference between human error and intentional violations related to COVID-19
  • Tools to enable us to slow down to see things differently, to see past our visual biases and the “old normal”, and to effectively respond to the current conditions

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