The Impact Of Personality Tendencies On Seeing & Managing Risk From A Visual Literacy Perspective

COVE & FIT Webinar 2  recording


Did you know that individuals with different personality tendencies see and manage risk differently? That sounds obvious but being aware of and managing our personality tendencies and how they impact our view of risk is the next logical step in preventing, reducing, and mitigating errors and incidents. Visual Literacy helps us each manage how we can better identify and manage risks that may not be obvious based on how our personality type and our tendencies usually see them.

As part of an ongoing webinar series, Doug Pontsler, Chairman and Managing Director for COVE: Center of Visual Expertise and Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies, will continue this discussion around the next generation of HOP and Safety.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how our personal tendencies can influence how we SEE our environments and impact our view of risks
  • Understand how integrating Visual Literacy into managing our personality tendencies improves our ability to more effectively manage risk and reduce errors
  • Obtain tools to help better identify and manage risks that may not be obvious based on our personality types and tendencies

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