Innovative Tools For Safety Training:
Visual Literacy And Virtual Reality

VL webinar recording


Organizations are in a constant search for tools that keep safety training contemporary and impactful. With COVID-19 transitioning many employees to working remotely, demographic shifts in the workforce accompanied by changes in adult learning styles, and a more complex working environment, the need has never been greater. Existing skills often need enhanced as well as new skills need developed. Relying on traditional training methods and the same old subject matter is no longer sufficient to support outstanding safety performance. Organizations are seeking new innovative technology-driven ways to engage employees and deliver premium employee development content.

COVE: Center of Visual Expertise along with 360 Immersive are presenting impactful critical thinking skills and technology forward solutions to address these critical needs. In this webinar Doug Pontsler, COVE Chairman and Managing Director, and Jennifer Lastra, CEO of 360 Immersive, will share how visual literacy and virtual reality can provide new and interesting ways to develop and engage employees, making their work environments safer.

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