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Visual Literacy As a Foundational Building Block For Engaging and Developing Valuable Employees

Superior and sustainable workplace safety and health performance that leads to greater employee engagement and develops skillsets demands collaboration as well as leadership vision.

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Engaged employees are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They are psychological “owners,” drive high performance and innovation, and move the organization forward. They don’t let problems become excuses for inaction; they are independent and proactive; focus on their strengths and doing what comes naturally to them; and they take accountability for their performance. However, employee development and engagement practices that shape these traits have not kept pace with generational changes in the workplace.

This white paper explains how Visual Literacy, a “foundational element” missing from traditional employee development, can be used to help employees improve, enhance, refine and hone existing skills and also develop new ones that support your organization’s mission and goals. Visual Literacy training is immersive, experiential, interactive and makes employees who are more engaged on the job and possess well-rounded critical thinking skills.