We have made available the recording of our March 21st, 2019 webinar “A New Approach to Engage Employees and Mitigate Risks,” presented by Doug Pontsler.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understanding how the language we use to describe potential hazards can often times create misrepresentations leaving the real issues unexposed
  • Looking at a structured approach that helps us see our working environments better and improves our ability to identify potential hazards within them
  • Why our brains are programed to fill in the gaps and what we can do to see with a more structured approach

Webinar Overview

Every day, we look for hazards before they become incidents, but we know that many hazards go unnoticed. Experienced employees sometimes operate on auto-pilot, often repeating the same routines. In the process, they can miss hazards – both minor and major. Risk assessments and hazard hunts often suffer from being rushed, conducted with an element of complacency, or taken for granted. But all forms of hazard identification suffer from gaps in Visual Literacy. The unintentional “blinders” that can lead to a failure to see hazards. This same gap can also lead to poorly written hazard identification reports and ineffective communications, all of which can create misinterpretations and reduce your ability to work as a team to mitigate risks.

In this webinar, we dig into these common issues and introduce Visual Literacy techniques designed to help you slow down, look deeper and see things you may have missed initially — critical for identifying hazards and preventing costly mistakes. Integrating Visual Literacy principles into your current hazard identification practices can not only lead to a reduction in injuries but is a proven approach for engaging employees in a new and innovative safety process.


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