Improving Behavior Based Safety & Observations by Learning to See

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Improving Behavior Based Safety & Observations by Learning to See

September 28, 2022 | 2:30PM ET

Many Behavior Based Safety (BBS) and observation processes have become standard processes driven primarily by checklists. Over-reliance on these checklists to guide observations can introduce visual biases or limits to what we see and the interpretations that we make. Absent continuous improvement in the BBS and observation processes, BBS can become stale and less impactful than desired. Using Visual Literacy tools to assess behaviors and when needed correct at-risk behaviors is a more challenging, more fluid and dynamic scenario than merely looking for hazardous physical conditions.

This session will focus on not only Visual Literacy's emphasis on seeing, but also using critical thinking to understand what we are observing and communicating. We will share frameworks and tools that enhance what we see and how we interpret what we see. Application of these frameworks and tools will result in more quantity and higher quality observations. Integrating Visual Literacy with BBS and observation programs has the potential to invigorate existing programs and extend beyond the checklist in terms of assessment and feedback.
This webinar will provide an understanding of:
  • The fundamental components of BBS and observation processes, and pitfalls of programs not actively focused on continuous improvement.
  • The basics of Visual Literacy and why our observation skills are compromised by our visual biases and how checklists can limit the effectiveness of these programs.
  • How the frameworks and tools associated with Visual Literacy can enhance the impact of BBS and observation programs.