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Elevating Safety Performance With Visual Literacy and Human Performance Strategies


the next generation in best-in-class safety practices and performance


Many safety professionals contend the time has come for fresh, even radically new thinking, to elevate safety performance and safety’s status and reputation among senior leaders, middle managers, supervisors, frontline employees and other stakeholders. 

This paper will outline how the combination of Visual Literacy and Human and Organizational Performance are essential components of this new movement and work hand in hand to identify and reduce risk.


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The Impact Of Personality Tendencies On Seeing & Managing Risk From A Visual Literacy Perspective

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how our personal tendencies can influence how we SEE our environments and impact our view of risks
  • Understand how integrating Visual Literacy into managing our personality tendencies improves our ability to more effectively manage risk and reduce errors
  • Obtain tools to help better identify and manage risks that may not be obvious based on our personality types and tendencies
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